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A startup company of PROVINAVE S.A.

Our Establishment

It starts its livestock activities in 2014 as the group's growth strategy development, initially through the undertaking of intensive feedlot aimed to transform the property in a model feedlot of the region.
In 2015, it is decided to broaden the approach of CDG and it starts taking its first steps as a cattle herd of Angus and Brangus breeds.
CDG is the exclusive Farmquip representative of the country, a company that manufactures equipments for handling livestock and preserving its well-being.
CDG has gained the inclusion and acknowledgment of the regional livestock market through investment, hard work and the commitment of the team of people involved.

Provinave - GML


Cattle Herd

Member of Paraguay Angus Breeders Association



Delivery of certified animals to slaughterhouses in Asunción.



Farmquip representantive in Paraguay.
Squeeze chutes, pens, funnels, headlocks, cattle gates.

CDG is the result of a business effort, the pride of its owners and employees.

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